Online Course Development

Mediasphere is a multi-award winning creative agency in the area of online course development.  Our course development team can build your online courses for your industry and are specialists at online induction and compliance modules. We can build courses for your LMS or specifically designed for the InductNow platform. We plan, design and publish your content as professional and effective online courses to meet your exact requirements.

Captivate 8 course development

Our online course development team can research and build your content or use your existing course information which can be re-purposed into your online courses. The development of your online courses usually involves a partnership between your content expert and our Lead instructional Designer. We establish specific learning outcomes, understand the audience and provide guidance on the format and level of interactivity on each course.

ineractive course content

We are an industry leader and our work has been acknowledged with a wide range of industry awards. We deliver affordable and highly effective online courses. We usually follow the 8-step model in developing your content and we have the flexibility to apply agile project management to create stunning courses in record time!

Our Online Course Development Workflow

After many years of building effective and engaging online courses we have noticed the following trends:

Our Clients Know:

  1. What content they need to deliveronline course development
  2. They usually have a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on staff
  3. What compliance levels they must meet
  4. What goals and outcomes they wish to deliver
  5. The learner demographic for the project
  6. Their budget for the build of the courses
  7. They need to deliver their courses online to improve efficiences and quality

What We Know:

  1. How to listen to clients and develop a custom eLearning plan
  2. How to provide online course interactivity options that meet budgets
  3. How to work with our client’s Subject Matter Experts
  4. How to plan and implement assessment to track outcomes
  5. How to convert a client’s existing resources
  6. How to build a highly effective and purpose built course

Our Online Course Development Team includes the following talent:

  • Instructional Designers;
  • Project Managers;
  • Animators;
  • Designers;
  • Video Producers;
  • Voice-Over Talent;
  • Programmers; and
  • Web Developers.

Instructional Design

Our Instructional Designers are the eLearning architects that plan, develop and publish your online courses. The instructional designer is the key player in ensuring that your courses are relevant, accurate and effective in delivering your prescribed outcomes. They also coordinate the tasks which are completed by the creative team members.

Our team has the capacity to translate your existing paper based resources into a suite of courses or can start from client briefings and create the course or courses from scratch.

avatars in your online courses

Mediasphere are an established leader in the development of online courses. Learn more about our Instructional Design Services

Video Production

Mediasphere offers video production services as part of our multimedia services in the development of web and e-learning projects. Web-based video is an affordable and critical element in websites, online courses and workplace projects. video in your induction courses



Download the InductNow Use of Video in Your Induction Course Whitepaper

Learn more about Our Video Production Services


Animations and Simulations

Mediasphere is one of Australia’s leading animation production houses. Our team of animators build custom animations and simulations to meet the exact needs of your project. Our animation services include planning and creating:

  • Interactive activities to enhance your online learning courses
  • Workplace orientated simulations to demonstrate a process or workflow
  • A suite of animated activities to support the build of your own online application
  • Interactive learning objects for school, TAFE or university
  • interactive activities for touch screen kiosks
  • iPhone and iPad animated applications

simulations in induction courses


Delivery to all devices, including all mobile devices is now a benchmark deliverable for our content resources.

Mediasphere has been building animations and simulations since 2006. Learn more about our animation services

Assessment Editors

Mediasphere’s academic instructional designers are highly experienced in the development of assessment modules to support e-learning / e-training programs. The programs could be the development of online assessment protocols for students or the implementation of a corporate online induction and policy course.

Meaningful, contextual and authentic assessment is the cornerstone of all e-Learning / e-Training programs. Our academic team can assist with consultancy or advice to assist with your projects or the team can be engaged to develop the modules for your organisation.

animation in induction coursesThe assessment modules operate as standalone activities that are programmed into the client’s learning platform or as part of an integrated course and assessment program.

The online courses are usually self-contained with prescribed learning outcomes and the assessment which reports against the objectives. The assessment modules can include the following elements:

  • The design of Diagnostic Assessment activities which are delivered prior to learning
  • The design of Summative Assessment activities which provide an assessment of learning
  • The design of Formative Assessment activities which provide an assessment for learning

whs course development

Developers and Programmers

Mediasphere has the capacity to build custom online training solutions for your organisation with our team of web developers, programmers and designers. Our highly qualified and experienced technical staff provide the following services:

  • Customised interactive content solutionsonline comptency training
  • Use of JQuery libraries to deliver interactivity to mobile devices
  • Integration with existing databases and systems
  • Interactive Content templates
  • Use of web services and API’s to integrate data
  • Hosted and supported solutions
  • Robust security applications
  • Offline interactive content solutions
  • Scenario and problem based learning activities

Online Course Development: SCORM and html5 Development

Mediasphere is highly experienced in the development of SCORM and html5 online course solutions. Many of our clients have their own LMS and need a new course to be developed that can be imported seamlessly into their eLearning platform. We create and export your courses in any of the following formats:

  1. SCORM 1.2 and 2004
  2. html and html5 object
  3. Captivate file format .cptx
  4. Flash (SWF) and MP4

The Lion LMS (the platform for the InductNow software) is SCORM compliant which means that clients on our platform can export their courses in SCORM format or import external SCORM courses into our platform. The Lion LMS supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and the Tin Can API (Cloud SCORM).

SCORM course development

Learn more about our SCORM development services

e-Commerce Integration 

Mediasphere provides the e-learning, e-commerce and web management tools to enable organisations to create, publish and sell their own courses online. InductNow is the complete business platform with ready-made modules that provide you all of the functionality to create your own online training portal.

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Mediasphere builds SCORM compliant courses for your LMS or totally customised courses on the InductNow platform.

Contact Mediasphere on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180 to learn more about course development and how we can assist with the planning and implementation of your induction program