Industries are rapidly changing, technology is quickly advancing, and a generation born in the digital age is entering the workforce. To ensure you’re using the best recruitment strategies it is important to both understand and implement the best hiring practices.

1. Mobile Friendly

Using a mobile friendly career site is a crucial part of recruitment in the digital age. In fact, it has been found that about 83 percent of people use their mobile phone to search for jobs. Therefore, if the career page you’re using does not convert to a mobile device, you may be missing out on these candidates.

To ensure you are getting the best employees, it is crucial to use a career site which has a mobile friendly layout.

2. Video Resumes and Job Postings

Using video presentations to broadcast new job postings has become a new and effective tool for companies. These videos allow the viewer to gain a deeper insight that regular job postings may not provide. In fact, some companies, like ISR Training & Recruitment, have even begun to implement video resumes into their practices.

Furthermore, implementing videos into your hiring practice can allow for creativity, a strong call to action, and details beyond the limits of text.

3. Innovative HR Software

Using online training software can significantly aid in the recruitment process by streamlining procedures such as:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Pre-inductions
  • Learning and development training
  • Compliance management

In conclusion, online solutions offer a practical and efficient way to manage recruitment from start to finish. Take advantage of Mediasphere’s online solutions to give your company an edge in recruitment strategy.

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