PowerHouse Hosting: Cloud Hosting

Mediasphere provides enterprise level hosting with responsive client support services for our clients. The PowerHouse Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) application is hosted securely on Mediasphere’s data warehouse facility – Rackspace.  In the UK, our hosting and managed support services for this project is London, England. We also provide hosting and support globally as required. Our software allows for up 200,000 users without performance degradation. We also offer government and enterprise clients dedicated hardware and database solutions.

Physical Security

  • Keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access to our data centres.
  • Only authorised data centre personnel are granted access credentials to our data centres. Every employee undergoes security checks.

Conditioned Power

  • Should a total utility power outage ever occur, our data centres’ power systems are designed to run uninterrupted, with every server receiving conditioned UPS power.
  • Our UPS power subsystem is N+1 redundant, with instantaneous failover if the primary UPS fails. If an extended utility power outage occurs, on-site diesel generators can run indefinitely.

Precision Environment

  • Every data centre’s HVAC system is N+1 redundant. A duplicate system immediately comes online should there be a HVAC system failure.
  • Every 90 seconds, the data centre air is circulated and filtered.
  • Our advanced fire suppression systems are designed to stop fires.


  • Dedicated to our customers’ hosting needs only
  • Always high-performance bandwidth
  • Nine network providers, for multiple redundancies
  • Fibre carriers enter at disparate points to guard against failure
  • Network topology and configuration improves in real time
  • Configuration, co-developed with Cisco, guards against single points of failure at the shared network level.
  • Cisco and Arbor Networks work with us to continually improve monitoring and security

Network Technicians

  • Networking and security teams in our data centres are certified.
  • Only fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment is used.
  • Fibre carriers enter our data centres at disparate points to guard against service failure.
  • Technical Support – Service Level Agreement
  • After the launch of your site, Mediasphere’s Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) is initialised.

Security of Your Data

We understand the critical importance of protecting your data. Mediasphere is an accredited government supplier and delivers secure portals for major corporations, governments, organisations and institutions. In addition to robust data encryption, independent penetration tests and high levels of security on hardware, application and databases, our Best Practice security protocols and services include:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Secure Access Policies
  • SSL Encryption and Certificates
  • Session Hijacking Protection
  • Defamation of Site Protection
  • IP Tables Software Firewall Security
  • Load Balancing
  • SQL injection Protection
  • Rotational Data Back-Up Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Shared and Dedicated Hosting
  • API and web service data integration

Our Managed Deployment Services

Mediasphere offers a full suite of technical services to manage the planning, implementation and support of your portal. Our planning, implementation and deployment plan typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to deploy. Fast tracking site deployment is available. Our project phases and related tasks include: