Staff Vaccination Portal – Townsville Hospital

Staff Vaccination Software for Queensland Health

Townsville Hospital and Health Service has deployed the InductNow platform to assist with on-boarding and the management and reporting of staff vaccination data.

Many hospitals and medical facilities are now mandated to manage staff vaccination records and the lack of a custom application means that HR teams and Nursing Directors are using simple spreadsheets to complete the task. Townsville Hospital had been compelled to use spreadsheets to add and update staff vaccination records. They identified that the limitations in their practice included:

  1. Slow data entry by adding data to columns and rows
  2. Limited and time consuming reporting capacity
  3. The inability to push reports
  4. The inability to receive reports on non-compliant staff
  5. The inability to send email alerts to staff based on data rules
  6. The inability for managers to access the data from all devices
  7. The inability to import and export data
  8. The inability to upload staff vaccination document evidence

The Staff Vaccination Portal, a module in the InductNow platform, has been custom-designed to deliver a solution to address these issues.

The Staff Vaccination Portal – A Total Management Solution

Staff Vaccination Portal

The Staff Vaccination Portal is a customised solution for Australian hospitals and aligned facilities to:

  • Add/import staff vaccination data
  • Allow for the upload of vaccination evidence to staff records
  • Push email reminders to staff about upcoming vaccination dates
  • Complete the data gathering during staff onboarding and performance review meeting
  • Export a wide range of datasets with custom filters
  • Generate data and visual reports on:
    – Individual staff
    – Vaccinations and brands
    – Staff Roles, Staff Service, Location and Work Areas

The Staff Vaccination Dashboard – Managing VCPs

Townsville Hospital managers use the Staff Vaccination Management Dashboard to access the following areas:

  1. Search Vaccination Portal
  2. Generate Vaccination Reports
  3. Add Vaccination Records (Manually, import or webservice)
  4. Edit Staff Records
  5. Staff Export with Filters
  6. Display Visual Real-Time Reports
  7. Export all reports in CSV or XML format

staff vaccination software

Staff Vaccination Software – Records and Evidence

A key feature of the Staff Vaccination Portal is the simplicity and automation involved in updating staff records. The data edits are completed in a structured form where the inputs are added by the Townsville Hospital Vaccination Administrator in the admin portal.

Upload vaccination evidence

In addition to simply adding text data to staff records, Townsville Hospital staff view, scan and upload vaccination evidence files into the portal to validate their data records.

Staff Vaccination Software – Portal Reports

The Staff Vaccination Reports is a structured template that allows Townsville Hospital administrators to generate a wide range of custom reports. When generating a report, the following steps and filters apply:

1. Select a date range for the report

2. Select a Vaccination Type (these can be modified in the Administration Portal)

3. Select a Staff Group, an aligned Service Group and then a Work Area or Location

staff vaccination data

The Vaccination Administrator Portal

Administrators at Townsville Hospital have the ability to customise the data and fields in the Manager Vaccination Portal without the need for IT skills. With the Administration Portal Nursing Directors and HR staff can add, import or link to a payroll webservice to integrate staff.

Townville Hospital Administrators access all modules to personalise their portal. The Vaccination Module allows their team to:

  1. List and Add Diseases / Vaccinations
  2. List and Add Types
  3. List and Add Medicinal and Vaccination Brands
  4. List and Add unlimited Staff Categories
  5. List and Add Unlimited Staff Groups

Vaccination Admin Portal

Staff Vaccination Software – Staff Dashboard

The Staff Vaccination Portal can be maintained fully by hospital administrators and there is also the option to release a Staff Vaccination Dashboard to allow staff to access key vaccination information and update their vaccination records personally.

Staff Vaccination Software

The Staff Vaccination Portal has the following features:

  • Access to Vaccination Courses and eBooks
  • Access to Vaccination Documents, Policies and Links
  • The ability to edit the personal vaccination portal and upload scanned evidence
  • Access to Vaccination news and links

vaccination news and policies

Additional Staff Training and Induction Upgrades

Mediasphere is pleased to provide an upgrade path to the full staff induction application – InductNow – for hospitals and medical facilities that need to provide government approved online induction and workplace compliance.

Contact Mediasphere on 1300 787 611 or (07) 5555 0180 to learn more about implementing the Staff Vaccination Portal at your hospital or facility.