What is Nursery Induction?

nursery induction for staff and apprentices

Nursery induction introduces staff to their workplace, work team and the business ethos. Nursery Induction helps each member of staff understand their roles, responsibilities and obligations. They receive their training  and compliance material to allow them to complete their job successfully.

Online nursery induction is an efficient and proven method to help streamline your staff induction. If you manage staff across multiple nurseries, the delivery of an online nursey induction can save time, money and ensure that your teachers and NQT’s receive quality standardised training with appropriate content and assessment.

Nursery induction is also a bridge between teacher training and a career in teaching, combining a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with monitoring and an assessment of performance.

Is Nursery Induction Compulsory?

A qualified teacher cannot be employed as a teacher in a relevant nursery school in England unless they have satisfactorily completed an induction period in accordance with the regulations and guidance set out by the UK Government. There is no set time limit for starting or completing an induction period, although it’s advised to complete it as soon as the qualification is achieved.

There is no legal requirement to satisfactorily complete an induction period if a newly qualified teacher intends to work solely in the independent sector, including an independent nursery school. However, it may be possible for an NQT to serve a statutory induction period in such settings as set out in this guidance.

Trainees and apprentices should be fully aware of their roles and responsibilities whilst working to achieve their qualifications. Their nursery induction should include all relevant compliance and policies to allow them to successfully and safely work in a nursery setting.

Why Use InductNow for Your Nursery Induction Procedures

Online nursery induction with InductNow provides all teachers and apprentices with access their personal training portals. These portals provide staff with access to courses, eBooks, news, policies and procedures and Professional Development events and seminars. The InductNow mobile platform is viewed on all connected devices including Smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, PC’s and Macs.

Our system can be fully integrated with nursery Payroll Systems which means that when HR add, remove, promote or change the status of an employee in their payroll system, their training portal changes dynamically to reflect the update. Compliance and competency data can be viewed by all team managers from their phones and nightly the data syncs back dynamically into their payroll system.

InductNow software can deliver nursery induction and training to nursery staff. Some of these features could be the following:

  1. Personal training dashboards for all staff
  2. Ability to complete all Health and Safety Courses with assessment
  3. Access to training activities to suit their role
  4. Ability to download Nursery policies and procedures
  5. Ability to view their personal training calendars
  6. Option to register for face-to-face training seminars and events
  7. Ability to view all streamed news linked to their group
  8. Access to personal training records for all staff
  9. Access to personal induction certificates

Suggested Nursery Induction Training Outline

With InductNow you can publish your Induction information as online courses, eBooks with digital signatures, policy uploads and personal file uploads as part of the on-boarding process. You may want to consider using the following information to include as part of your Induction Program:

online nursery induction

  • Legal obligations of employers, employees and contractors
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Risk Management
  • Fire safety
  • First aid
  • Food Safety
  • Health and Safety in early years
  • Continuous professional development

Nursery Induction Staff Certificates and Reports?

The InductNow software allows you to deliver Nursery Induction certificates for each course or training module or you can choose to implement a comprehensive induction program with a single certificate that informs you that the end user has been inducted.

The InductNow software allows you to add managers for each of your training groups. The managers can login to view visual progress reports on each staff member in their team. As the administrator you can generate cerificates and reports on all staff and apprentices.

Nursery staff induction with InductNow

Learn More About How InductNow Automates Your Nursery Induction

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