We are specialists in mining induction. Many mining companies in Australia have understood the cost savings and efficiencies associated with online induction programs for the contractors and staff. The very nature of mining suggests that the only way to deliver a comprehensive and quality assured induction program is to deliver the training online. A typical mining operation is very complex and may have:

  • A diverse cross section of talent – staff and contractors
  • Short term contracts and full time and casual employment
  • Single site and/or multiple production and management sites
  • Visitor access to dangerous worksites
  • Legal and WHS safety constraints
  • Data integration and the ability to audit induction data
  • A wide range of different policies based on work tasks, locations and positions
  • Staff turnover and staff promotions and the need for different training
  • The need to deliver cultural awareness training
  • The need to deliver WHS and learning and development training
  • The need to collect licenses and insurances from staff and businesses providing services

If you are planning to introduce an online Induction platform or to upgrade your outdated current induction software, the following is a list of tools and functions that you should consider.

Most online induction software packages simply deliver a set of your courses with the ability to publish an induction certificate. The latest induction software applications offer a great deal more to help automate all of the processes associated with your induction and on-boarding.

The top 10 essential features for mining induction include:

1. Online Contractor Induction for Mining Companies

Automating the online induction process for your contractors is an essential component. Your software must have the ability for your Contracting Businesses to be able to register on your portal and upload their insurances and other key documents. Once registered, your Contracting Businesses should be able to log onto their own portal and view and track the progress of their own staff.

Your contractors should then self register with the following steps:
a. Search and select their business name
b. This will automatically add them to the Contracting Business Portal
c. Complete the form with the data that you need
d. Digitally sign your terms and conditions
e. Allow them to upload their licenses and certificates with expiry dates
f. Create their own username and password and logon automatically to complete their induction course and print out their induction certificate and card

Your induction software should have the ability for your managers to have full administration access for your site managers to add your own businesses and contractors if required. They must also be able to export the database at any time. There should also be the option for the contracting data to write automatically to your existing databases (CRM, Payroll, HR and Talent Systems).

2. Online Staff Induction for Mining Companies

Online Induction for staff is often different than the induction you run for your contractors. Self-registration is important for contractors but the ability for your induction software to integrate with your Payroll System, CRM or talent databases is now very important. This integration will deliver the following:

a. As you add a staff member to your database, they will be automatically enrolled in your Learning Management System (LMS)
b. When the status of a staff member changes (terminated, promoted, on leave), the status automatically changes
c. When a staff member moves to a new role or is promoted, the change in training is updated
d. When a staff member completes their induction and training, this data is written back to your databases

The induction software should also allow for single sign-on and LDAP so that the access for staff can be automated from intranets and other web portals without the need for logins.

In addition to accessing courses, learning programs, webinars and training events from their mobile device, your induction software should also allow managers to monitor their team’s progress.

The managers should be able to login and see all the staff in their group or groups and view their progress in visual and data export reports. They should also receive updates and alerts when their teams certificates and licenses are about to expire.

Staff should be able to view their courses, resume from last visit, download policies, view their own training record and upload their own personal files.

3. Online Visitor Induction for Mining Companies

The implementation Online Visitor Induction is becoming most popular to improve safety on site. For many mining companies, there is a gap in the induction process. They understand how to induct staff and contractors but how do you deal with a visitor who attends one of your sites to meet with your managers, union representatives or general visitors that are not working on your sites.

The Visitor Induction Portal should allow your visitors to sign in, sign out or login as a returning visitor. As part of that process, you should be able to ensure that all complete the sign in form which automatically assesses whether they have previously completed a site induction. If they haven’t, the system should present the course as part of the sign in and allow them to complete the course and test. If successful, a visitor pass should be automatically produced and printed. The Online induction visitor system should be able to work on iPads, Smartphones and all mobile devices. It should also be available for companies that wish their visitors to create a pass before they arrive on site.

Online Visitor Mining Induction

4. Simple and Intuitive Dashboards for Mining Induction

A key item for all mining induction is to deliver intuitive yet powerful dashboards for all of your online inductions. Contractors should be able create their own account in less than a minute and then logon to complete their courses and print their induction cards and certificate. Visitors should be able to sign in on iPads and computers, complete a site induction and instantly print off their own visitor pass. Staff should be able to access all of their courses and know how to use the induction software without training. Manager should be able to switch between learner and manager accounts and the interface for both accounts should be intuitive with clear menus and tools.

5. Custom Training Groups for all Mining Induction Groups

The ability for mining companies to create your own Induction Training Groups is essential. For instance you could create a Training Group for each site and then add a series of sub-groups for that site to designate the different users that will be on the site. These sub-groups could be location based or occupation based (i.e. managers, electricians, plumbers, engineers etc.).

One you have created your own training groups, which usually reflect the group structure in your payroll or HR system, you should be able to assign a different set of courses, events, webinars, documents, news and links to each sub-group. Your staff, contractors and visitors are then automatically assigned to those groups to ensure that all learners have a custom mining induction and training profile.

mining induction training groups

6. Manager | Group Leader Access to Monitor Groups

Many mining companies are sharing the management and monitoring of their staff with the deployment of tiered Training Groups. In the past, HR Directors and Safety Managers were compelled to monitor and generate reports on business divisions and all staff and contractors.

By creating unique Training Groups for your different teams, locations and professions you are able to deliver custom induction and training programs. In addition you can assign one or multiple managers to each group. The manager can:

  • View visual progress reports on individuals and their team
  • Export data report on individuals or their team
  • Assign courses, webinars and events
  • Add staff or contractors to their groups
  • View license and insurance uploads
  • Receive alerts regarding license expiries

7. Ability to Access from All Mobile Devices and Print Mining Induction Cards and Certificates

As there is such a diverse range of users accessing your mining induction it is essential that your platform is easily accessible. You should demand that your induction software delivers seamlessly to all connected mobile device.

The software should deliver a responsive platform that should also create an instant shortcut on the home screens of iPhones, smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac computers. It is essential that the induction software delivers in the browser and ensures that the learner does not need to download any software to access your induction program.

The software should have the ability for you to create a range of certificates and induction cards so that you can assign these to specific courses or a single certificate that writes a transcript of completed courses directly onto the certificate. There should be the ability to integrate the certificate with external card printing systems (i.e. proximity card systems).

8. Ability to Deliver and Track Policies and Procedures

Your online induction software should have the capacity in the administration portal for you to upload key safety documents, company forms and workplace policies. The software should also have the capacity to email staff and contractors when a new policy has been uploaded. The induction reports should also be able to track and view acceptance of these policies.

9. Ability to Upload all Licenses and Track Expiry Dates

Your online mining induction platform should have the ability for your staff, visitors, contractors and aligned businesses to upload your own custom set of certificates and licenses. The staff member or contractor should be able to browse and upload their documentation and add expiry dates and other relevant information to the uploaded file.

Your managers and administrators should be able to view and access these files as required. Managers should receive alerts when a member of their team has a license that about to expire in the next month.

10. Ability to Create Your Own Courses and Update all areas of your Mining Induction

One of the most important features for your mining induction is to ensure that you can manage, maintain and update all areas of your induction portal without the need to ask your IT department. In addition to adding your own documents, news and links, the induction software should allow you to add, edit and update all of your training courses easily and quickly. You should be able to add your own assessment and link the pass rates to the award of induction certificates and cards.

Your induction software should also automated annual re-induction with inbuilt email reminders and you should be able to set expiry dates for all courses.

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