Goodstart Early Learning Staff Induction Program

Goodstart’s Online Staff Induction Requirements

goodstart staff online inductionGoodstart Early Learning is the largest provider of childcare services in Australia. The company provides a range of childcare services throughout all states and territories in its 700 childcare centres. Staff training and ongoing professional development are core aspects of the business model as Goodstart Childcare strives to deliver high quality services.

As part of its business deliverables, Goodstart required an online training portal with many customisable features. Most important to the company was the ability to exercise complete control over the training courses and assessment, to create training groups for the various staff hierarchies, and to deliver a personal learning experience for all users.

The InductNow solution for Goodstart

The InductNow solution for Goodstart not only delivers on all of the requirements, but also offers extra features to streamline and automate the training process. Following an analysis of Goodstart’s business needs, The Goodstart Professional Learning and Development Portal was created.

InductNow has provided Goodstart with the ability to:
1.    Deliver a personal training dashboard for each staff member
2.    Build and customise their own training courses
3.    Build and package individual learning programs for each level of staff
4.    Add their own assessment tasks that create custom certificates for each staff member
5.    Create Training Groups for each staff profile i.e. centre staff, centre directors, regional and state managers and support staff
6.    Create the Training Groups in a hierarchical order for all childcare centres with master groups and sub-groups to manage access and privileges for managers
7.    Have a Manager’s Portal to allow managers to view the progress of their staff
8.    Present an admin portal for HR and Learning and Development staff to manage staff datasets, reports, course development and assignation.

Staff Login Page

The Goodstart Early Learning portal features a staff login page that provides access to staff at work and home. The login is unique and is authenticated off the payroll identification codes.

Learner Dashboard

The Goodstart Learner Dashboard provides instant access to all assigned courses, certificates, face to face training events, certificates and training news. The Dashboard presents a personalised learning profile.

Induction Course Categories

The Goodstart Learner Dashboard presents the courses in custom course categories to help staff select the correct courses. The categories can be opened to showcase available courses or closed for scrolling efficiency from mobile devices.

Induction Course Page

The Goodstart Course Page view is customised with the organisation’s style-guide, logo and design elements. This means that as Goodstart editors add courses and content to pages, the fonts and style conventions are automatically applied.


Assessment Page

The Goodstart Courses feature assessment questions that test the knowledge of each staff member. The assessment is automatically corrected and each course is set to a minimum assessment score. If the staff member achieves this score, the course is completed and a certificate is awarded.

Induction Certificates

The Goodstart staff receive completed certificates for all courses and training events. The Induction and Training Certificates are personalised with staff name and training results. The training events certificates are only published to the portal after the staff member has attended the activity.

Induction and Training Events (Face to Face Training)

In addition to providing a library of induction and training events, Goodstart also conduct a range of face to face training events. The page below shows how a training event can be published to a specific training profile and how the staff can register to attend the activity.

Training News

Goodstart need to the ability to publish core information to their training groups. This core information is published as Training News and this appears as a marquee news feed on the Home Page or as a direct link to Latest News. The news features text, images, video and multimedia content.