Workflow for Inducting Your New Employees

InductNow software automates the workflow for the new and current employee induction. Personalised employee Induction is a core feature of the software.

Traditionally, employee induction is conducted as an important but time consuming face to face training program by HR Teams and Safety Officers. The InductNow software allows you to build a customised employee induction program with the following tools:

  1. The ability to collect all forms as part of your employee on-boarding
  2. The ability to provide resources to new employees before they commence their job
  3. WHS courses delivered online to drive your compliance
  4. The option to deliver CEO and senior management webinars to all new employees
  5. The option to add your face to face training sessions to the InductNow Event Manager which appears on each new employees Training Calendar
  6. The ability to publish and track your policies and key documents
  7. The ability to publish induction news to each new employee’s dashboard
  8. The ability to link InductNow to your Payroll / HRIS system to automate access for new employees
  9. The ability for the employee’s Manager to view the new hire’s details online and track their induction and compliance process

With InductNow you can add the following stages to your new employee induction

New Employee Induction

Employee Induction: Before You Start

You can provide the new employee with instant access to your employee induction portal weeks before they start their new job. This allows you to use the portal rather your email to share all files and collect all documents from your new employee.

You can also assist with the transition of the new employee to your business by offering a range of short courses and provide access to your policies and procedures. This will allow you to kick off your employee induction before the staff member commences. This process is popular with many of our clients as it reduces the time of Day 1 induction and provides inclusion and engagement to the new employee.

To deliver this resource your HR Team simply create a new account on your InductNow Portal and provide this to the new employee. If you integrate InductNow with your payroll or HRIS system the new employee is added automatically and receives an email from the system with your welcome.

Employee Induction: Day 1

On Day 1, the employee logs onto your InductNow Portal and starts their formal courses, download and acknowledge your policies and read news that relates to their groups.

With InductNow you can add expiry dates to all courses that will email your new staff to remind them when to complete the induction courses.

employee induction on iPad

Employee Induction: Week 1

At the end of the first week, the new employee should have completed all of their courses, read and acknowledged your documents and policies, attended face to face welcome and familiarization meetings or webinars.

Your Managers can logon to the InductNow portal from their phones or computers to track the progress of their new staff and follow-up as necessary.

You can generate full induction and compliance reports on all new employees and have total confidence that the process has been completed professionally.

Current Employee Induction

Due to WHS and EEO legislation it is now essential for all organization to re-induct their employees to ensure that all staff understand standards of behavior, adherence to industry regulations and a working knowledge of safety programs i.e. fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures.

With InductNow, you can set specific courses and documents with automated re-induction dates. This means that after staff have completed their courses and acknowledged your policies, you set the InductNow re-induction system to automatically re-induct your employees with email reminders.

Our Employee Induction Checklist

New Employee Checklist InductNow Automation Tool
  • New Employee Induction
  • Employment Contract
  • Letter of Employee Offer
  • Position Description
  • Probationary Period information
 InductNow Employee Document Library
  • Employee Acceptance of Offer
  • Certificates
  • Licenses
InductNow Employee File Upload Tool
  • Standards and Procedure Documents
  • Leave Forms
  • Pay Rates and Penalties
  • Office Locations
  • Office Floor Plans
  • Uniform
  • Smoking and Breaks
 InductNow Employee Document Library
  • Company Polices
  • WHS Policies
  • EEO and Harassment Polices
  • Industry Policies
  • Organisation Policies
InductNow Employee Document Tracking
  • Induction Courses
  • WHS Courses with tests
  • EEO Courses with tests
  • Industry Courses with tests
  • Organisation Courses with tests
  • Induction Certificates
  • Induction Reports
 InductNow Course Editor
  • Face to Face Meetings
  • Webinar Meeting
  • Welcome meetings
  • Company familiarization meetings
  • Senior Staff / CEO introductions
  • Attendance Cetificates
InductNow Event and Webinar Manager
  • Employee’s Manager
  • Track Induction Progress
  • Manage and record external training
  • Generate reports on induction courses
  • View acceptance of policies
  • Assign new learning and development courses to employees
  • Add contractors or casual staff
  • Access from all mobile devices
InductNow Manager Portal

employee induction

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