Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF – Vic)

Staff Training Portal

ANMF’s requirements

The ANMF (Vic) works for registered nurses, midwives and enrolled nurses in Victoria. The organisation strives to lobby politicians, healthcare providers, managers and their accountants to understand that safe workloads and practices, competitive wages and fair working conditions and entitlements are intrinsically linked to high quality patient, resident and client care and nurse/midwife recruitment and retention.

With over 67,000 members, the ANMF required a dedicated and reliable platform to deliver its CPD and online training to its many members.

The InductNow solution for ANMF

  • The project involved the planning and delivery of these facets:
  • A custom training portal on the Mediasphere LMS which features modules with video, simulation and learning interactions
  • A suite of 50 training courses, with this library growing weekly
  • The ability to deliver optional courses to a specific learner profile
  • The ability to register online to attend face-to-face training events (+ workshops)
  • The ability to register for a set of upcoming webinars delivered through the platform
  • An integrated training e-Portfolio that records all training completed on the portal
  • The ability to import and export courses in SCORM 1.2 and 2004 format
  • The ability to deliver custom news and announcements to each profile
  • The ability to deliver a set of training documents to each profile
  • The ability for the administrator and manager to generate dynamic reports
  • The integration of webservices to write all data to the ANMF’s member database.

To watch videos that showcase the ANMF CPD Portal, please follow this link:

The ANMF portal showcases the following features.

The ANMF Training Home Page

The ANMF Home Page features an interactive banner, login options and the promotion of the latest modules and seminars.

ANMF CPD Home Page


























The ANMF Course Cart – Module Promotion

The ANMF Course Cart allows the organisation to package and promote their modules on their Home Page. The promotion includes module screenshots and streamed information videos on each module or package. There is also the upsell option to similar modules.

selling courses online
















The ANMF Learner Dashboard

The ANMF Learner Dashboard features a personalised portal that provides links to current modules and events, recommended modules and events, certificates and a CPD ePortfolio.

ANMF Learner dashboard



















ANMF Seminars | Face to Face Training Events

The ANMF Seminars are promoted on the Home Page and also packages for each learner. There is the ability to register and pay online and view upcoming seminars by using the Calendar View.

Face to face training events


























Calendar view for seminars
















ANMF CPD ePortfolio and CV Builder

The ANMF CPD ePortfolio and CV Builder automatically records all training activity and there is the option for learner to add external training sessions and upload the activity validation.

CPD ePortfolio






















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