Online Induction Software for the Energy Sector

The Aggreko Online Induction Program Requirements

In 2012, Aggreko made the decision to enhance their staff and contractor inductor program with an smart online portal. The requirements for the induction portal included:

  • The ability to bulk import all existing staff into the portal
  • The build of a custom contractor self-registration facility
  • The ability for contractors to upload license and compliance documents
  • The option to build their own courses and update these easily
  • The ability to create a range of different training groups and assign specific courses to each group
  • The automatic publishing of personalised induction certificates
  • The ability to broadcast training news to all training groups
  • The power to generate and export workplace and compliance reports

The Aggreko Login Portal

The Aggreko login portal features a secure login area for their staff. The portal also features the ability for businesses which provide contracting services to Aggreko to register automatically on the site. After the business has completed a registration, their staff from the business can then login and upload their public liability, workcover, licences and other documentation as required by Aggreko. This automation of the registration is a key feature for Aggreko which assists with their documentation and audit compliance.

Online contractor registration page

The InductNow Aggreko Induction Portal

The Aggreko Online Induction Program is hosted on the award winning InductNow platform. The Aggreko portal has been customised with their corporate colours, style-sheet and logo. The portal is linked directly to their current website and is hosted and supported in the cloud by Mediasphere.

After logging in to the portal, the Aggreko staff member or approved contractor is greet with the learning dashboard displayed below:

induction course dashboard


The Training Dashboard features Aggreko’s library of induction and workplace training courses. The dashboard is intuitive in design and features all of the courses designed for a specific learner.

The staff member can access courses presented in categories which have been created dynamically by Aggreko HR staff. The dashboard shows a progress bar for each course and remembers the last page visited by the learner.

The dashboard records a staff member’s progress through the courses and publishes personalised version of the certificates directly to the dashboard. The Aggreko dashboard also features workplace training news, links and access to a custom set of documents that includes policies, procedures and workflows.

About Aggreko – Power Generation

Aggreko is the global leader in the rental of power generation and temperature control solutions for industry.

We help customers increase profits by creating opportunities, solving power generation and temperature control problems and reducing risk by utilising our unique network of global locations, rental equipment and technical services.

Since its’ foundation 50 years ago, Aggreko has grown impressively to become the world’s leading provider of temporary power generation solutions.

 Our operations span across strategically positioned service depots for rapid fleet deployment across Australia. Whatever the application, from operating a remote gold mine to commissioning a new oil production facility, serving the power demands of major cities in times of shortfall from the grid.

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